UP Rail Crossing Closures January 17-24, 2013*

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Union Pacific track renewal project?

The project will replace existing rail and install concrete ties on a 13-mile stretch of rail which runs parallel to Division Street. The project moves eastward from Fort Worth to Dallas and is scheduled to begin in Fort Worth on January 3,2013.

Why is the Union Pacific doing this project?

According to UP, the railroad industry has been making a switch from wooden ties to concrete ones since the 1980s because concrete is more durable, especially along heavy tonnage corridors like the one in Arlington.

What is the public benefit of the project?

Each grade crossing in Arlington will be completely reconstructed by Union Pacific during this project, meaning a smoother approach and crossing surface for vehicles. Concrete rail ties require less maintenance; meaning fewer traffic interruptions in the future. UP says trains will operate more smoothly, more efficiently and with less noise.

When is the project being done?

Barring any delays in Fort Worth, the track renewal should reach Arlington on January 17. UP estimates the project will take roughly eight days.

How will it affect commuters?

The project is going to require the simultaneous closure of four to five railroad crossings in Arlington for several days at a time. If not prepared, north and southbound commuters attempting to cross the rail tracks at closures will face delays if they do not seek detours.

How can commuters avoid traffic delays due to crossing closures?

If your commute includes travel north or south across Arlington, chances are you will be impacted by these closures. Keep your commute on track with MyArlingtonTx.com, your source for daily updates and information about the project. Follow @CityOfArlington on Facebook and Twitter #TrackRenewal.

What can residents and businesses along the tracks expect?

In addition to the anticipated traffic delays, this project will also be noisy. The project’s 250 man crew will work roughly 12 hours a day between 6am and 6pm to complete the project during the estimated time span.  The railroad crossings will remain closed 24 hours a day during all phases of the track renewal.

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*Dates subject to change. Please check this web page often for the latest information.