UP Rail Project to Cause Significant Crossing Closures in January


Arlington drivers will be dealing with unprecedented detours and road closures in January, when a Union Pacific track renewal project moves eastward from Fort Worth to Dallas. This is a major railway improvement project which will require the simultaneous closure of four to five railroad crossings in Arlington for several days at a time. The project is expected to begin in Fort Worth on January 1 and UP estimates the track renewal project should reach Arlington around January 16 and last roughly eight days.

The project, called TRT 909 is replacing rail and installing concrete ties on a 13 mile stretch of rail which runs parallel to Division. It will move across the city at rate of about two miles per day, in four phases, greatly impacting north and southbound traffic.

Initially, it will require the closure of the following crossings for approximately four to five days: Bowen Road, Davis Street, Cooper Street, Center Street and Mesquite Street. As the project moves eastward, one road should open as another is closed.

According to UP, the railroad industry has been making a switch from wooden ties to concrete ones since the 1980s because the concrete is more durable, especially along heavy tonnage corridors like the one in Arlington.

The 250 man crew will work 12 hour days to complete the project during the estimated time span, between the hours of 6am and 6pm. However, the railroad crossings will remain closed 24 hours a day during all phases of the track renewal. The crossings will be closed to pedestrian traffic as well.

Arlington public safety officials are working to create detours to lessen the impact on emergency services but say the closures will have a significant impact on traffic. The city is also working with schools and businesses which will also be affected.

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6 Responses to UP Rail Project to Cause Significant Crossing Closures in January

  1. Thank you for the advance notice on this. I live near UTA. The mobile flashing sign on Davis was the first I’d heard of it. A little planning ahead and we’ll all make it. I agree that the Davis crossing needs some help.

  2. Here’s a bright idea…how about a light rail system for the entire city? We have the largest amount of attractions in the metroplex with no rail system. To be able to move people between, the Arlington Highlands, the Ballpark, Cowboys Stadium, downtown Arlington, UTA, DFW Airport, the list can go on and on, the point is trains are a fun and exciting way to generate jobs, revenue for city, and several other economic benefits.

  3. I hope with the change to concrete ties they are going to fix the crossing at Davis Dr. It has progressively gotten worse. You can hardly drive over it now.

  4. It would be nice if you would offer some alternate route suggestions and perhaps a map showing exactly what will be impacted. This is going to be a traffic nightmare!!