Dog Friendly Restaurants in Arlington


“Let’s go!” seems to be music to any dog’s ears.  Dogs are always ready to go anywhere and any time. Traditionally, we see dogs riding in cars with the window down, their ears flapping joyfully in the wind. Or we may see them walking their owners in parks and neighborhoods.

Lately, however, there seems to be a new trend.  Dogs are being seen in places where no dog was ever seen before.  Dog owners are taking their canine best friends into the grocery store, the beauty salon, and even shopping in department stores.

Dining with a furry best friend also seems to be on the rise. There are restaurants in Arlington that welcome dogs and their owners at their outdoor patio tables. Most of these restaurants share a couple of firm and fast rules.

  1. Dogs may join their owners only on the outside patio of the restaurant
  2. The dog must be well-mannered and on a leash.

Here’s a list of ten restaurants in Arlington that welcome four-legged dining companions:

Sonic Drive-in locations in Arlington
If your pup isn’t always on his best behavior at traditional restaurants, share a burger with him from the comfort of your own car or on our patio instead!

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream
Treat yourself AND your pup to a sundae at Bruster’s! They make a free sundae with dog bones crumbled on top for their furry customers.

Panera Bread
The restaurant has plenty of outdoor tables where your pup can join you for a bite to eat. The only downside is you have to order inside.

Chipotle – UT Arlington
Dogs are allowed at the outer tables; they must be under their owner’s control and leashed at all times. Someone will need to go inside to order food without the dog and bring the food outside.

Firehouse Subs
Leashed, friendly dogs are allowed at their outside dining area.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop
Leashed, well behaved dogs are allowed at the outside dining area on a case by case basis.

Jamba Juice
Leashed, well mannered dogs are allowed at their outside dining area.

Jason’s Deli – Arlington locations
Leashed, friendly dogs are allowed at their outside dining area.

America’s Best Coffee
More than just coffee, this is a place to socialize and enjoy great drinks, live music, original artwork and community events.  Leashed, well-mannered dogs are welcome on the patio and Sunday is Dog Day.

BlackFinn American Saloon
Originally established in New York City in 1994, this is a Landmark Irish/American saloon.  There is an outdoor sports patio where leashed, well-mannered dogs are welcome with their owners.

On any given day when the sun is warm and the breezes balmy, you may see a dog and their owner enjoying a nosh or a doze in the sun on a restaurant patio. Bone Appétit!

By Cheryl Nason

3 Responses to Dog Friendly Restaurants in Arlington

  1. I do not go out to eat to eat with animals. Leave your dogs at home.

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  3. any place with outdoor seating will pretty much allow pets. as long as they aren’t sitting at the table!